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Your Smart Choice in Courier Service for Atlanta.

More Reasons Why Courier Smart is your Smart Choice in Couriers

Courier Smart is the leader in Atlanta delivery courier services. From documents and small packages to truckloads of freight, you can depend on Courier Smart for prompt deliveries locally as well as anywhere in the United States. We are reliable, fast, professional and affordable.


Building on our reputation for fast delivery, we make sure your package is handled safely, securely and delivered on time.


Our team of professionals will get your package to its destination on time every time.


Our unique flat rate service makes it simple to find the smartest choice for your next delivery: CourierSmart.

There’s nothing like being stuck at work with your mortgage or utility payment due in their office or you are in trouble. Let us deliver your check personally and provide you with an electronic receipt of delivery. Or perhaps you realize that it’s your anniversary and you have to work late and you forgot to get flowers. No problems, just contact us and we will work it out for you. Some other personal and/or confidential delivery services we offer:
• Emergency Payments for Utilities/Mortgages
• Rush Delivery of Signed Documents/Contracts
• Surprise Delivery of Flowers, Gifts, Awards
• Cash Payment Delivery

For attorneys that find themselves in a courtroom without a key piece of discovery, a courier service can make or break their case. For situations where a notice or payment must be delivered and a receipt of delivery is required, our service is also ideal. Some other examples of items we courier for government and legal services:
• Courtroom Materials / Case Discovery
• Fees and Payments
• Notices to Appear
• Personal Belongings
• Court Documents

Occasionally, you will have a customer that needs a product delivered to their location and you may not have it in stock. To get it from another location would require letting an employee leave your location, pick up the product, return to your location all while your company is liable for his/her safe transportation. Or you could rely on our safe and professional couriers to handle the pickup and delivery for you, saving you time and money.
• Special Order Delivery
• Rush Order Placement
• Small Auto and Truck Parts
• Remote Order Fulfillment

When you’re a field professional working on-site for a customer, it is never a good time to pack everythging up and leave the customer just to pickup a tool or part needed to finsih the job. Call us and we will bring you the parts/tools you need without ever having to leave the customer’s site. Some examples of the service industries we service regularly:
• Plumbing Parts and Materials
• Auto/Truck Replacement parts
• Auto/Truck Service Materials
• Specialty Tool Delivery
• Electronics and IT Tools and Materials
• Medical Supply/Specimen Delivery

Outside I-285

    • Any package up to 75 lbs
    • Any Origin or Destination
    • Delivered in under 4 hours

Inside I-285

    • Any package up to 75 lbs
    • Any Origin or Destination
    • Delivered in under 4 hours

Way Outside I-285

    • Any package up to 75 lbs
    • Any Origin or Destination
    • Delivered in under 4 hours